Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a busy year!

We went to Pennsic and it was an experience. The expense was not worth the product for our first attendance, but that is not to say it wasn't a good trip. We were expecting much more due to the many converstaions we had with those who had attended before. After we returned home, others who also attended who were Pennsic "veterans" said that this was an "off" year. Go figure. A few things were learned, however. First, NEVER expect that anyone will pack anything that you tell them to. We had rain storm after rainstorm and not one umbrella was with us. Thankfully, I had packed the disposable rain ponchos which were reused more than once. We also learned that we didn't have to bring as much as we did. We may have forgotten a couple little things, but we overpacked in many ways. I did bring home one very important thing, however; the feeling that we live under too much stuff. It is time to simplify.