Monday, November 30, 2009

We are FINALLY rejoining the SCA!

Eddie said that we can join the SCA again and start playing. For the last few years, I have asked and he showed no interest after his first event. Over the last year, the boys have been asking me about it a lot and I also expressed the desire to go back to playing.

We are jumpiong right in, apparently. Eddie is very excited about an upcoming event in February, and has said that he would also like to go to Pennsic this summer. Keeping in mind that I have barely anything left from when we were involved with it before (due to my MIL) we are having to start over. In 8 months, I will have to stitch garb for a 2 week event for 4 (possibly 5) people.

I am so thankful for the T-tunic! I have been sewing tonight and have one t-tunic almost finished, just need to hem it and do the neckline, and have a cloak about 1/2 sewn. I did find a red gown that I had thrown together for the event we attended about 5 years ago. I also found a black wool gown that is about 1/2 finished, which helps a lot. The boys are excited and are talking non-stop about the garb they want and need, as well as accessories.

One item at a time, I will get this done. It will cut into my cross stitching time, but I'll adjust.

Time for the Holidays!!!

It is hard to believe the Thanksgiving has come and gone and that soon, we'll arrive at Christmas. I am very excited about Christmas this year! I will finally get to see my oldest son after 3 years. He is in the Navy and is stationed a good distance away. Although he is not too far to drive, he was in school for most of this past year, after having been across the country from me. I am so thankful for technology! It was our only way to communicate.

One hug from him and my Christmas will be perfect! Peter and Benjamin are also looking forward to seeing their big brother. It is going to be something to see John and Peter next to each other as Peter has grown so much and resembles his brother a LOT.

I have Christmas gifts all purchased and wrapped - I started in June to avoid the worry of where Christmas for the kids would come from. They are getting only a few gifts, but they are not too bad. Peter has wanted an electric guitar for a few years and I found a great deal on a package from Fender. Ben will finally have the Nintendo DS he has been asking for, also.

We are slowly decorating, a little at a time. I am not going to do a lot this year, since we are using the wood heater a lot more. I am afraid that some of my stuff might melt (LOL).

I am counting down the days this year. I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Boys Are In School!!!

Both boys are now in public school. They started on Aug 17. Eddie and I have been on our break between terms at school for the last 2 weeks and go back Tuesday, Sep 1.

So far, both like their classes. I am enjoying Peter's entering high school and seeing all the new things that he is learning, especially in Latin. Ben is excelling in his courses as well, and has 2 computer based classes, computer applications and LEGO robotics.

I have been crafting a bit while on my "vacation." I am working on an afghan and a couple cross stitch pieces. Due to a whacky schedule at school, on Wednesdays, I will be bringing them with me to work on while waiting on Eddie to get out of class.

Hopefully, I will be able to update this blog more than once or twice a year from now on.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Decision for Our Family

We have been homeschoolig my boys for about four years now. I am now back in school and have worked for a large part of the past four years, to the detriment of my childrens' education. They are slow to complete assignments when they have free time without me keeping them on task.

Due to my school schedule and the plan to go back to working a full schedule very soon, both boys will be returning to school in the fall. I am not entirely happy about this, but with a husband who is disabled and who will not even try to keep the boys on task, I see no other choice. My working is not just a choice, it is a necessity, due to financial reasons.

Peter is very excited about going to high school. He has expressed an interest in JROTC and a desire to join the USMC when he graduates. He has also expressed an interest in the rootics courses at the high school. Benjamin feels a little upset about going back to school, saying he wants to still be homeschooled. I think that once he realizes that all his little friends from church are in his same school and grade, though, he'll be fine.

This decision was a very difficult one. I love having my boys here and love teaching them, but realize that I cannot do it all, and certainly not all by myself.

I have been trying to keep up with my education, their education, work, my husband, the house, the animals, and other family issues, such as ailing parents. No, I haven't had much time for myself and certainly not much for stitching. I do see, though, that sacrifices have to be made, and letting the boys reenter public school is one of those. I am looking at it in a positive light, though. They will be able to see that they are doing at home pretty much what the other kids have been doing at school, will be able to see their friends more often, and will have time apart from one another (which I am hoping will stop some of their bickering).

I am almost half way finished with my education (for now..LOL) and after this term will be able to sit for one certification that will enable me to get a job in the medical field. This will greatly improve our status and will hopefully enable us to stay up to date with the bills instead of falling behind. I hate being behind on anything.

I am already shopping for the school clothes as the winter wear is on clearance pretty much everywhere.

Back to school will be interesting...all four of us (my husband is now taking classes as well) will be getting our books, supplies, etc. ready and we'll all have homework to do. Should prove to be quite interesting.