Monday, November 30, 2009

We are FINALLY rejoining the SCA!

Eddie said that we can join the SCA again and start playing. For the last few years, I have asked and he showed no interest after his first event. Over the last year, the boys have been asking me about it a lot and I also expressed the desire to go back to playing.

We are jumpiong right in, apparently. Eddie is very excited about an upcoming event in February, and has said that he would also like to go to Pennsic this summer. Keeping in mind that I have barely anything left from when we were involved with it before (due to my MIL) we are having to start over. In 8 months, I will have to stitch garb for a 2 week event for 4 (possibly 5) people.

I am so thankful for the T-tunic! I have been sewing tonight and have one t-tunic almost finished, just need to hem it and do the neckline, and have a cloak about 1/2 sewn. I did find a red gown that I had thrown together for the event we attended about 5 years ago. I also found a black wool gown that is about 1/2 finished, which helps a lot. The boys are excited and are talking non-stop about the garb they want and need, as well as accessories.

One item at a time, I will get this done. It will cut into my cross stitching time, but I'll adjust.

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