Friday, November 18, 2011

Pictures from War of the Wings (2011)

This was a really fun event and there was quite a lot to see and do. I took a couple of classes and had a wonderful time with new friends and old. The weather was close to perfect and the atmosphere was great. Lots of goreous garb to gawk at and I even entered the novice A&S competition. Ben did as well and although neither of us won, we did learn quite a bit.

Ben/Snorri had a great time with Tipsy, who is our Housemates' little pup. She is quite adorable and Ben learned that a guy carrying a little puppy means that there wil be a lot of female attention. I don't think Tipsy had a bad time - she was passed from one person to another and spoiled terribly.

Edward was authorized for the Epee as he had only authorized for Heavy Rapier before this event. He fought in the Epee tournament and although he got a bit overheated by the end of it; he did seem to enjoy every minute of it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sewing and packing!

Since we are usually running behind schedule, I decided to get started with the packing early. I got a much-needed pair of trousers sewn for Ben today and got his bag packed for next weekend. I have Peter's garb together, just have to pack it up.

I have a little bit of sewing left to do, but with a week to do it in, I am sure that it will get done on time with no trouble. Most of it is just finish-work, anyway, which is a good thing. I am sewing 4 petticoats for me, a chemise, finishing 2 shirts, and 2 pairs of trousers for Eddie. I know it sounds like a lot for one week, but two of the petticoats just need waistbands on them and the chemise just needs the sleeves added. The shirts are cut out and the trousers are the quick-sew-need-them-in-a-hurry style.

Last time we went camping,we used a large rubbermaid tub which took up way too much room. This time, I am trying something much different; putting stuff in smaller containers and bags. This is so that the softer items can squish much easier in the car. Unfortunately, I didn't get the A-frame waterproofed, nor did I get the stake loops done on the bell wedge, so camping is going to be in the mundane style, once again. UGH! Oh well, I need to get my trailer done up anyway before hauling all my more period stuff, so no worries.

I am hoping to sneak in a favor for Eddie during this week. I have started and ditched two already. Maybe the third try is the charm.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Giornea is finished but...

The green giornea is finished (pictures coming soon), and a new one started since I want to have at least two of them, BUT... now I have decided that I need new garb. I need new garb from a new era. Specifically around the 1540's in Florence.

I still plan to have a few gowns from the 1480's, especially with having the two giorneas, but have decided that I really prefer the later look.
Now all I need to do is continue the research, learn to cartridge pleat, and start planning what fabrics I will use. I have a pretty cream jacquard that is cotton that I think will do nicely, as well as some gold fabric. I am trying so hard to be good and not buy more fabric, but it is soooo hard.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have decided that I really do want a giornea or two to finish out my garb

I am going to make the mint green fabric into a girnea and sleeves. I may be lucky enough to have a bit left to add to other things as well, possibly a hat for my husband, etc.

Here is the fabric for the giornea:

I have been looking at paintings by Domenico Ghirlandaio as well as viewing the dress diaries online from various seamstresses that have made a giornea. Mine will be a simple shape, no gores, and will be lined with muslin. I am using muslin because I have it on hand. I am still trying to use up what fabric we have on hand before buying any more.

So far, I have decided that mine will have a "V" neck and will be open on the sides only. I may try one that is open down the front at a later time.

The fabric that I have chosen for my next gown is blue, but oddly enough, it goes well with the mint and cream for the giornea.

I will post images as I go along, at least as many as I remember to take.