Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have decided that I really do want a giornea or two to finish out my garb

I am going to make the mint green fabric into a girnea and sleeves. I may be lucky enough to have a bit left to add to other things as well, possibly a hat for my husband, etc.

Here is the fabric for the giornea:

I have been looking at paintings by Domenico Ghirlandaio as well as viewing the dress diaries online from various seamstresses that have made a giornea. Mine will be a simple shape, no gores, and will be lined with muslin. I am using muslin because I have it on hand. I am still trying to use up what fabric we have on hand before buying any more.

So far, I have decided that mine will have a "V" neck and will be open on the sides only. I may try one that is open down the front at a later time.

The fabric that I have chosen for my next gown is blue, but oddly enough, it goes well with the mint and cream for the giornea.

I will post images as I go along, at least as many as I remember to take.

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