Monday, November 29, 2010

I am forgetting the giornea...

In order to maximize the amount of gowns that I can get from my fabric stash, I am going to forget the giornea for now. Instead, I will make gowns and bodices, as well as a few extra sets of sleeves. I think this will help save a bit of money while I am trying to build up a wardrobe for the four of us.

From what I have researched, any synthetic gowns I make will need to be left at home when we go to Pennsic, so needless to say, I will need to make some simple gowns from cotton broadcloth or a lightweight linen (if finances allow) to wear specifically in the hot weather.

Although I have an Italian persona, I am seriously thinking about making simple tunics with shorter and wider sleeves that I can use a simple tie-belt with. Although not period without the under tunic, I think this might be a good way to have more wardrobe for less and be a bit cooler as well, especially if I can get some lighter weight linen or cotton. I am still hoping to have the majority of my garb fit the persona, however.

I am still researching the area for my persona and have found a few portraits, and although they are helpful, I am still needing to do more research. Until I have all I need, I am making basic Italian ren-type gowns to do "for now."

I did find a portrait that is PERFECT for my blue velvet, though and will have to make a simple cotton trial run for the gown. I will get to it as my sewing skills improve as well as my pattern-making skills. They are improving, not as fast as I would like, but I am getting there.

Well, back to the sewing table....

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