Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our 1st SCA event in years...

We were finally able to go back to an event. The one last Feb was missed due to very poor weather and then school and life got in the way for a while. We attended the Medieval Haunting event hosted by Marinus on Oct 22-24. We had a really good time. We already had a wall tent so were able to have the start of an encampment with that.

Also, to go with the tent, I made some stools and rope beds. Forgetting how much space I would need, we crammed two single rope beds, a double rope bed , and an Army cot into this tent. Believe it or not, they fit! Here is a picture of Peter taking down his rope bed..I took a break from unstringing mine to get a picture. For the week prior to the event, I was a busy little bee... I made the stools and did about half of the beds (Eddie did the last bits so I could finish sewing) and made two tunics, three sets of trousers, two hats, pouches, a jerkin, shirt, five cloaks, and sleeves for my gown. Some of this had been started the week before, but mixed in with all this activity was work, school assignments, and trying to keep up with normal chores, etc. Needless to say, I have decided that I will be sewing a little each day from now on, until we have the garb we need for at least three events, although I might continue the sewing until we are garbed enough for Pennsic. My dear husband has said that we are definitely going, so who am I to argue?? I have wanted to attend Pennsic for years.

Some of the garb that was made is pictured below:

Our time at the event, as I said was a good one. The feast was a bit different - a stone soup - but it was excellent!!!!! Very filling...and the breads, yummmmmm. There was also a nice dayboard with some lovely pastry that was filled with cheeses and meats.

The main activities that went on for the day was Archery. There was a little time for the Rapier fighting (fencing) but I think many people decided that shooting arrows was the theme for the day. (Guess they are better on zombies..who knows???) Here are a few more pictures from the event. Ben shooting arrows, me shooting arrows, some fencing, and Peter watching the archery (he didn't want to join in this time, I think he was a bit tired.)

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