Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our "New" Tent

After the outing and seeing the severe shortage of space that we had, Eddie and I agreed that we needed either a bigger tent or a second tent. Our friend, Gary, who also attended the event with us told me to go to craig's list to see what was there. Well, we really got lucky!!! We found a Panther French Bell Wedge!!! It has been well used, but is still in great condition. It came with all the poles and stakes and we paid less than $300.00 for it. The tent, set-up package, and shipping are over 600, so I feel we really got a deal. The tent is not overly large, it is the smaller size that Panther carries, but has plenty of room for our double rope bed and a couplle of chests for garb. As this tent is meant to basically just be the place for Eddie and I to sleep, it is perfect for us. The trim on the scallop edge at the top is in hunter green. later, we plan to paint a design of some sort onto the tent to hide the stains, but for now, it will be just fine. Eddie and I really like the tent a lot. The set up is pretty fast and easy. What a bonus!!

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