Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I am currently working on...

I have started to get my sewing a little organized. I say "a little" because the more I try to get things straight, the more I am apt to mess them up. I figure if I just "loosely" organize the stack of planned sewing projects they may not end up so crazy.

I am starting out this week by working on three pieces of garb: a prototype giornea for me, a pair of trousers for Ben, and a pair of really loose trousers for Peter that will have a false cod piece in the front. These are kind of "faking-it" breeches for Peter as he wants to have the general look on a Landsknecht, but refuses to wear the pluderhosen that hug the rear. This is fine by me, as I really dread all the piece work that these kind of breeches require.

Both pairs of the pants will be from the same fabric - a medium-to-heavy weight linen that is off-white with a black thread running through it. This thread gives the pants almost a pinstripe loo, but not really. Hard to explain the look, exactly. I will take pictures of the pants as they are finished up, though.

The prototype fabric is actually a poly-cotton blend and is upolstery fabric. It is heavy but does not have a plastic backing. It is a mint and cream color with the cream being the accents on the leaves of the design. I will post images of the fabric tomorrow. I took pictures but haven't loaded them onto the pc just yet.

This evening I also made a paper pattern for my husband's jerkin from the cut up shirt that I used for the one he now has. I am hoping to make him a doublet that will match a green gown that I am planning. I also have plans to play with different styles of sleeves in the near future.

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