Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for the Holidays!!!

It is hard to believe the Thanksgiving has come and gone and that soon, we'll arrive at Christmas. I am very excited about Christmas this year! I will finally get to see my oldest son after 3 years. He is in the Navy and is stationed a good distance away. Although he is not too far to drive, he was in school for most of this past year, after having been across the country from me. I am so thankful for technology! It was our only way to communicate.

One hug from him and my Christmas will be perfect! Peter and Benjamin are also looking forward to seeing their big brother. It is going to be something to see John and Peter next to each other as Peter has grown so much and resembles his brother a LOT.

I have Christmas gifts all purchased and wrapped - I started in June to avoid the worry of where Christmas for the kids would come from. They are getting only a few gifts, but they are not too bad. Peter has wanted an electric guitar for a few years and I found a great deal on a package from Fender. Ben will finally have the Nintendo DS he has been asking for, also.

We are slowly decorating, a little at a time. I am not going to do a lot this year, since we are using the wood heater a lot more. I am afraid that some of my stuff might melt (LOL).

I am counting down the days this year. I can't wait!

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