Tuesday, October 9, 2007

S-L-O-W Stitching

I have been back to work full time and have done absolutely NOTHING on the planned stitchy list. Oh well, the planning was good, anyway. I have been stitching, however. It is very slow going, but a few things that were started a long time ago have been being worked on.

Unfortunately, the "Rules of Life" kit was missing the pattern, which I had purchased on clearance years ago. I will use the floss and fabric for other things and will see about finding a similar pattern later.

I am currently working on a door bow for my mother for Christmas. I will get some scans done and will post the progress, as well as post a picture of the finished piece that is on the kit. So far, I have put in maybe three full hours on it. Not much, really, but it is coming along.

With my work schedule, plus homeschooling my boys, stitching has had to really take a back seat this year. I am hopeful that things will improve for us next year and that I will have more time for my stitching.

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