Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cross Stitch Journal

I have started stitching again. Like an old friend, all my stash was there waiting for me, beckoning me to once again pick up my needle.

In December, I finished a few pieces, you can view them on my personal webpage, located at

Right now I am working on a few pieces. I am hoping to finish a small piece for an exchange today. I am also working on a pattern designed by Teresa Wentzler, called "Above the Clouds."

I will post pictures of my WIP once I have a little more done.

Along with the TW design, I am working on a wolf for my son. This is a kit and is starting to take shape. I will be glad when it is finished so that I can move on to another unfinished project.

My stitching goal for 2007 is to finish as many older pieces that are already started as possible. I still plan to do some new pieces, but not until at least 5 of the older ones are finished.

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Dottie said...

it's great haveing you back as my stitching buddy even if we dont live close together anymore at least we can stitch online cant wait to see you guys this spring/summer your work is awsome and your doing a good job