Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pennsic Preparations are Underway!!!!!!!!

We are truly going to go to Pennsic this year!!! I cannot wait! 17 days of living in the Modern Middle Ages! We have preregistered already and in order that we have a decent encampment, I have purchased period tents and also a colored canvas tarp to dine under. Tonight I finished the table for our encampment. It comes apart easily and is made from 1 sheet of plywood! I love the table and the plans were so easy to follow. I printed out the table and benches from http://charlesfleming-sca.com/ where those of us on a budget can get a few great pointers, and furniture plans. I know that while plywood may not be period, it will go a lot further towards the look than my metal and plastic coleman table. The plywood also weighs much less! Ben has done a lot of helping so far with holding boards, etc. Peter is truly not interested in much to do with woodworking or building a nicer encampment. I have also been enjoying the one-on-one time with Ben. I guess he feels as if he should help me since he is getting his new wardrobe a piece at a time, as I get each done. With help from my husband, the benches are coming along. After the table and benches are done, we will see about getting the gothic arch chairs finished. (The ones that come apart and lay flat.) I have been sewing quite a bit and am seeing some progress. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish everything that I have on my lists (one for each of us.) Also, for our perimeter around our little camp, I have been sewing little flags from the scraps left over. They are cute little pennants. Our camp perimeter is going to be very colorful! Will post pictures soon.....

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