Tuesday, March 20, 2012

War of the Wings Part 2

At the War of the Wings, we had our very first visitors to our encampment. My husband, Edward, wanted to learn a little bit about drumming to see if he would like to get a drum and learn more. I located Akbar, who is a very good and very popular drummer. He agreed to give Eddie a lesson or two and came with us to our campsite. What we didn't realize is how quickly Akbar can draw a crowd! It was very enjoyable; a couple of dancers even came. Eddie also got hooked on the Doumbek and now has one of his own and is learning to play. Having a small drumming circle in our little spot was surely one of the highpoints of the weekend. Thanks Akbar {{BIG HUGS}}!!!
(This FINALLY posted - this is the second post from War of the Wings 2011. We are looking forward to Drums of War next month and also War of the Wings 2012.)

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